BEst colleges in Pakistan

Best Colleges in Pakistan


Every parent wants his child to be admitted to the best college after completing matriculation. In this blog, we have covered the top 10 best colleges in Pakistan. We discussed the college, the admission procedure, and its location. This information will be helpful for you when deciding on a college.

  1. Punjab Group of Colleges
  2. KIPS College
  3. Kinnaird College
  4. Cadet College
  5. Islamia College Peshawar
  6. Edwards College
  7. Fazaia Inter College
  8. Aitchison College
  9. Forman Christian College
  10. Queen Mary College 

1. Punjab Group of Colleges 

The Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) started in 1985. It has grown to be one of Pakistan’s biggest colleges in the last 40 years. They have intermediate education in pre-medical, pre-engineering, arts, commerce, and computer science. They have campuses all over the country.  

Admission in PGC:  

You can apply online for admission. Fill in the form for admission. Also, you can apply to any of the college campuses. Visit the nearest campus. 

    2. KIPS College 

    KIPS College was established in 2004. It aims to provide intermediate-level conceptual and knowledge-based education to its students. Now, they have 60 campuses all over Pakistan. 


    KIPS Admission:

    Visit the nearest campus and fill in the admission form to get admission.  

    3. Kinnaird College for Women  

    Kinnaird College for Women (KCW) started in 1913. It is the oldest college for girls in Pakistan. It is located in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province. Admission is very difficult because of the high merit level.

    Kinnaird College Admission: 

    You can get the criteria for admission online. There’s an online form accessible as well. Fill in that form and challan as well. You can also get the form from campus and apply as well. 


    4. Islamia College Peshawar 

    Islamia College Peshawar (ICP) is the oldest college in Pakistan, founded in 1913 by Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and Sir George Roos-Keppel. It offers education in Science, Arts, and Commerce.  

    Islamia College Peshawar Admission: 

    You can apply for admission to Intermediate online and on campus. The admission guide is available on their website. Fill out the form and pay the challan fees. 

    5. Edwards College Peshawar 

    The oldest institute, Edwards College Peshawar foundation, was laid by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in 1900. It was a school at the beginning; later, it was converted into a college and then a university. In 1952, degrees were awarded through the University of Peshawar. Before that, they were awarded through the University of Punjab. 

    Edwards College Peshawar 

    Admission Procedure in Edwards College Peshawar  

    Download the online admission form, fill it in, and submit it with the challan fees. You can also get the admission form from the campus.     

    6. Cadet College 

    Cadet College in Pakistan was established in 1954 in Hasan Abdal city. It is a military high school famous for its discipline and strictness. The admission procedure is difficult as compared to other colleges. 

    Cadet College 

    Cadet College Admission: 

    You can get the admission form online and on campus. After filling in the form, submit it with the challan fee payment.


    7. Fazaia Inter College

    Pakistan Air Force (P.A.F.) started the Fazaia Inter School and College in the 1960s. They are now running 19 inter-mediate colleges all over Pakistan. The students get an education under the supervision of P.A.F.   

    Fazaia Inter College

    Admission in Fazaia Inter College  

    Download the online admission form from the website. Fill it with the required documents and fees challan. Alternatively, you can apply for admission by picking up the form on the college campus.

    8. Aitchison College

    Aitchison College is in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province. It is a semi-private college founded in 1886 in the British Era. It has a rich history of providing an education that develops character through academic, sports, and extracurricular activities.

    Aitchison College

    Aitchison College Admission: 

    You can get admission forms from the college and from their website. Fill them in and submit them with the challan fees. 

    9. Forman Christian College  

    Forman Christian College is the oldest college in Pakistan, having been started in 1864. It is located in Lahore city. This college follows an American-style syllabus. The entry test is difficult, and few students clear it.  

    Forman Christian College  

    Admission in Forman Christian College: 

    Download the admission form online and fill in the form. You can also get it on campus as well.   

    10. Queen Mary College 

    In 1908, Queen Mary College started. At its beginning, it was a school, but it was later converted into a college. This college is also situated in Lahore city. The school follows the Purdah of Islamic law, so it became famous as “Purdah School.” This college is also for girls. It follows strictly merit-based admission.  

    Queen Mary College 

    Admission in Queen Mary College  

    It is very difficult to get admission to Queen Mary College (QMC) because of its high merit. The admission form and the challan fee details are on the website. You can also get them from campus and then apply.   


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