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Xtreme Soft School website allows you to create/add unlimited staff, students, and teachers. Xtreme Soft School provides a unique username and password for every registered person/account. Everyone can login to their account using their username and password on our school management software.

Multi-Campus Management System

Our Campus Management System goes beyond traditional solutions with its innovative Multi-Campus System. Seamlessly manage various campuses by centralizing administrative processes, creating a consistent and collaborative educational environment. This cutting-edge feature ensures that our system is not just a school management system but a comprehensive campus management system that unifies education across multiple locations.

Admin Features

Syllabus Management: Xtremes School Software is best schools in Pakistan which assists educators in managing and inspecting the curriculum educational standards.

Progress Tracking: Monitoring student progress is a breeze with our platform. Teachers can track individual student progress and overall class performance. This data-driven approach enhances the quality of education by identifying areas that may need additional attention.

Parent Access: Parents can access syllabus details and track their child’s progress through the platform. This transparency fosters parent involvement in their child’s education and encourages collaborative efforts between parents and teachers. Teachers can easily view the syllabus, update it as needed, and ensure alignment with

Parent Portal

Meeting Scheduling: Our School Management Software simplifies the scheduling of parent-teacher meetings. Parents can select convenient time slots, reducing scheduling conflicts. This ensures meaningful interactions between teachers and parents.

Complaint Submission: Parents can submit complaints and feedback directly through the platform. These complaints are categorized and routed to the appropriate staff for resolution. This transparent process fosters a positive school-parent relationship.

Communication Hub: Our software serves as a central communication hub, enabling schools to send important updates, newsletters, and announcements to parents. This feature ensures that parents are well-informed about school activities and news.

Teacher Portal


Managing Class Timetable:

Teachers can easily record timetable electronically, reducing the time spent on manual processes.

Real-time Updates:

With real-time attendance updates, parents and school administrators can stay informed about student attendance patterns. This transparency fosters better communication and accountability.

Attendance Reports:

Our software generates attendance reports, allowing schools to identify trends and address potential issues promptly. This feature helps to improve student attendance and punctuality.

Student portal

Our Student Portal login leads the way in empowering students to take charge of their education. Aligned with the Learning Management Software, students can easily access assignments, and gradebook, and engage with relevant curriculum materials. This student attendance management system promotes a sense of responsibility and active participation in the learning process, contributing to their overall academic success.

Free SMS

Xtremes School Management System is the online school in Pakistan provides parents with frequent message alerts related to the Student’s attendance, results, complaints from teachers, and other events at school.

  • SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile Application
  • SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile via free Broadcasting
1.         SMS on Mobile App:

Xtremes School Management Software has enabled parents to receive notifications and other message alerts on the Mobile application. Users/Parents can check all the message alerts on the given dashboard related to student attendance, exam results and records, complaints, etc. 

2.         Broadcasting SMS Service:

Xtremes School Management Software offers parents free Broadcasting SMS services which enable them to know more about student attendance and other special events in the school.

Mobile App (Android & IOS)

Embrace the future of education management with our dedicated mobile apps.pk, available on both Android and iOS platforms. This app is not just an accessory but an essential component of our school management system, providing on-the-go accessibility. Parents, teachers, and students can access crucial information anytime, anywhere. Stay connected, track academic progress, receive alerts, and engage with the school community effortlessly.

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