Top 10 schools in Multan

Top 10 Schools in Multan


Multan is in the South of Punjab Province, the seventh most populated city in Pakistan. It is famous for its historical sites and Sufi saints. Multan is also well knowned for its educational institutions. We will discuss the top 10 schools in Multan city.

  • Bloomfield Hall School 
  • Sadiq Public School 
  • Divisional Public School 
  • Beaconhouse School System 
  • City School 
  • Nishat School Multan 
  • Jinnah High School Multan 
  • British international SCHOOL Multan 
  • Learners Castle School Multan 

1. Bloomfield Hall School 

In the year 1984, Bloomfield Hall School started. They have been providing quality education and a variety of extracurricular activities for Four decades. The school places a high priority on giving every student a top-notch education.

Bloomfield Hall School Multan

Bloomfield Hall School Campus 

Bloomfield Hall School has 12 campuses in Multan city.  


Royal Orchard Housing Project, Multan Public School Road, 


Opposite Block C Gate, Behind PSO, Nothern Bypass Road 

For remaining campuses, visit their official website. 

Bloomfield Hall School Fee 

Bloomfield hall school fee is available on their official website.


2. Sadiq Public School 

Sadiq Public School is a well-regarded school institute in Multan city. They help students to realize their full potential by offering them guidance and support. You can consider this school for your child. 

Sadiq Public School Multan

Sadiq Public School Campus

The Sadiq Public School is located in Multan’s Mujahid Colony.

Sadiq Public School Fee 

The fee of Sadiq Public School is listed on their website.

3. Divisional Public School 

Divisional Public School, started in the year 1963 in Pakistan. They have a professional team of teachers. Which ensures that its students get top-notch education and extra-curricular activities.  

Divisional Public School Multan

Divisional Public School Campus 

The Divisional Public School is located in Multan’s New Sabzazar Colony on Sabzazar Street.

Divisional Public School Fee 

The fee structure is available on the official website of Divisional Public School.  

4. Beaconhouse School System 

Beaconhouse School System is one of the best private school systems in Pakistan as well as in Multan city. They are well known for their modern educational techniques. They also provide students with opportunities to develop their leadership and communication skills through extracurricular activities.  

Beaconhouse School System Multan

Beaconhouse School System Campus  

Beaconhouse School System Multan Campuses are mentioned below: 

Main Campus, Multan: 

Bahadur Purr-Bosan Road, Multan   

Cantt Campus, Multan 

Near Faisal Cottages/ Askari II Askari Bypass Road Multan Cantt 

Beaconhouse School System Fee 

It is available on the official website of Beaconhouse School System 


5. The City School 

The City School is one of the top-rank private schools in Pakistan, started in year 1978. The school’s dedication to providing a full-rounded education guarantees that students will not just do well in examinations but also grow to become confident.

The City School 

The City School Campus 

City School is on Northern bypass, Near Wapda Town Phase 2, Multan 

The City School Fee 

The updated fee structure is available on the official website of City School. 

6. Nishat School Multan 

Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges was established in 1977. Through a variety of curriculum and cultural, and academic. They inspire students to become well-informed, engaged, who understand and respect humanity. 

Nishat School Multan 

Nishat School Multan Campus 

Details about the Nishat School campuses in Multan are included below:

Nishat Girls High School: 

Police Lines Road, Near MDA Chowk Multan 

Nishat Boys Junior School 

Pir Khurshid Colony Road Multan 

Nishat School Multan Fee 

You must visit the official website of the Nishat School for the fee structure. 

7. Jinnah Highs School Multan 

Jinnah High School is the best available private school in Multan city which has made a reputation for itself. They have highly qualified teachers who have been grooming the students for 27 years.

Jinnah Highs School Multan 

Jinnah Highs School Multan Campus 

The location of Jinnah High School is 17 Officers Colony, Bosan Road, Officers Colony, Multan.

Jinnah Highs School Multan Fee 

You may find the cost schedule for Jinnah High School on their official website.

8. British International School Multan 

British International School in Multan started in the year 1995. They prepare students for O-Level and A-Level. They are the best available British System School in Multan city.  

British International School Multan 

British International School Multan Campus

The address of British International School is 20-E Officers Colony in Multan, Punjab.

British International School Multan Fee 

You can see the fee structure on the official website of British International School. 


9. Fauji Foundation Model School 

Fauji Foundation education system is one of the largest education systems in Pakistan. It has over 100 branches from Gilgit to Karachi. They have professional staff and teachers to teach their students.

Fauji Foundation Model School Multan

Fauji Foundation Model School Campus 

The Fauji Foundation Model School situated on H-195 Khalid Hafeez Khan Street in Garden Town Sher Shah Road Multan

Fauji Foundation Model School Fee 

You may find the most recent fee schedule for Fauji Foundation Model School on their website. 

10. Learners Castle School Multan 

Learners Castle School is keen to nurture the natural abilities of students. They also boost the confidence level and groom the personalities of their students under the supervision of professional trainers.  

 Learners Castle School Multan 

Learners Castle School Multan Campus 

The address of Learners Castle School is MDA Road, Tariqabad Police Lines 1, Multan.

Learners Castle School Multan Fee 

The fee details are mentioned on the website of Learners Castle School. 

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