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Xtremes School Management System Reduces Manual Workload


In educational institutes, the data of students is managed by an information management system called a school management system. With this system, the burden of teachers is lessened, and they can easily have access to student data. This school system can easily connect teachers with students and parents. Also, it gives students a view of their assignments, grades, and homework.

  • Multi-Campus Management System
  • Student Login
  • Teacher Login
  • Admin Login
  • Parent Login

Multi-Campus Management System

The future of campus management with our Multi-Campus System. Effortlessly centralize administrative tasks across different campuses, creating a collaborative educational space. More than just a school management system, our innovative solution unifies education seamlessly across multiple locations.

Multi-Campus Management System – Features

  • Present Student
  • Staff Attendance
  • Fee collection
  • Today, Collection
  • Expenditure

Student Dashboard

Access assignments and grades effortlessly with our student-friendly system. Stay engaged with relevant curriculum materials. Boost responsibility and active learning for academic success. Your simplified educational journey starts here!

Student Dashboard in school management software

Student Dashboard – Features

  • New Admissions
  • Students Record
  • Attendance Record
  • Daily Home Work
  • Monthly Tests
  • Students Exam
  • Students’ enrollment
  • Students Certificates

Parent Dashboard

Simplify parent-teacher meetings with our School Management Software. Easily submit feedback and complaints directly through the platform. Our system categorizes and routes issues to the right staff for quick resolution. Acting as a central hub, it also keeps parents in the loop with important updates and announcements. A hassle-free way to enhance communication between school and parents.

Parent Dashboard – Features

  • Subject Syllabus
  • Fees & Payments
  • Exam Records
  • Daily Home Work
  • PTM
  • View Library

Teacher Dashboard

Streamline school schedules with our user-friendly software. Teachers easily record timetables, saving time on manual tasks. Real-time attendance updates keep parents and administrators in the loop. Our software generates detailed reports to identify trends and address issues promptly.

Teacher Dashboard – Features

  • Class Attendance
  • Parent Meeting
  • Monthly Test
  • School Complaint
  • Staff Attendance

Admin Dashboard

Xtremes School Software: The best in Pakistan! Empowering educators to manage curriculum standards seamlessly. Easily track student progress and class performance. Parents can access syllabus details and monitor their child’s journey effortlessly. Choose Xtremes for a superior school experience.

Admin Dashboard – Features

  • Students Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Fee collection
  • Expenditure
  • Balance Sheet

School Performance Management System

This system made it easier for the teachers and administrations to track down the student performance over time. It also provides the parents’ real time data of their children’s school performances, grades and assignments.

Why choose our school software system:

• Easy to use
• 24/7 support system
• Easy Setup
• Responsive web and mobile app
• Quick data migration
• Encrypted and secured data

Top Features of Xtremes School Management System

  • Free SMS
  • Mobile App (Android & IOS)
  • Fee Management System
Application of xtreme school software

Free SMS

Xtremes School Management System: Your go-to online school in Pakistan. Receive timely alerts on attendance, results, teacher feedback, and school events. Stay in the know for an enhanced educational journey. Join us for a seamless and informed schooling experience!

  • SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile Application
  • SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile via free Broadcasting

SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile Application

Unlock seamless communication with Xtremes School Management Software. Receive instant alerts on our mobile app for student attendance, exam results, and more. Stay informed with easy dashboard access to message alerts.

SMS Alert/Notification on Mobile via free Broadcasting

Plus, enjoy complimentary SMS updates on attendance and special school events. Xtremes, redefining connectivity for an enriched schooling experience!

Mobile App (Android & IOS)

Explore the future of education with our mobile app,, available on Android and iOS. It’s not just an accessory – it’s an essential part of our school management system, ensuring on-the-go access.

Features of Mobile App (Android & IOS)

  • Parents, teachers, and students can stay connected, track progress, receive alerts, and engage with the school community effortlessly.
  • Simplify your education experience with our user-friendly mobile app!


Question: How does a school management system benefit educational institutions?

Answer: School management system is a cloud-based platform. It is used for student management, grade record, and attendance tracking.

Question: Is the software school system customizable for different educational institutions?

Answer: Yes, our software school systems offer customization options to adapt to the specific needs and structure for different institutions.

Question: Does the software school system come with training for staff and administrators?

Answer: Yes, we offer training sessions and ongoing support to staff and the administrator of the school. So, they can effectively use and maximize the benefit from our school software system

Question: What type of support is available in case of technical issues?

Answer: We provide 24/7 support system to them whether it’s by email, phone, online or on campus.

Question: How are updates and upgrades handled for the software school system?

Answer: We provide regularly updates and upgrades to our customers.

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