Top 10 schools in Rawalpindi

TOP 10 Schools in Rawalpindi 


Rawalpindi is the fourth most populous city of Pakistan, which is located next to capital city Islamabad. Due of this, both cities are referred to as twin cities of Pakistan. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 schools in Rawalpindi and why you should opt for your children. The best schools with highly trained teachers, providing extracurricular activities and development of your child. 

1. Siddeeq Public School 

The Siddeeq Public School, established in 1980 and offers education up to the matriculation level. Their highly qualified professional staff is offering tailored education to its students. Provide support and guidance to students to help them to reach full potential. 

Siddeeq Public School Rawalpindi

Siddeeq Public School Campus 

Siddeeq Public School has two campuses in Rawalpindi city. One is for girls and the other one is for boys. 

Girls Branch:  

6th Road Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 

Boys Branch: 

5th Road Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 

Siddeeq Public School Fee 

Siddeeq Public School fee is available on their official website. 

2. Sir Syed Public School 

Sir Syed Public School, established in the year 1952 by the Aligarh Old Boys Association. They have been providing quality education for 7 decades now. Their teacher establishes a secure and encouraging learning atmosphere for every student.  

Sir Syed Public School Peshawar

Sir Syed Public School Campus 

The location of Sir Syed Public School is Tipu Sultan Road in Rawalpindi’s Jinnah Colony.

Sir Syed Public School Fee 

For the updated fee structure, visit the official website of Sir Syed Public School. 

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3. Army Public School and College 

Army Public School and College is one the most reputed institution of Pakistan. Their teachers are well known for providing guidance and support to the students. They are committed to delivering quality education. 

Army Public School and College  Rawalpindi

Army Public School and College Campus 

A few of the Army Public School and College Rawalpindi campus are mentioned below. For the remaining, you can visit their website. 

Chaklala Campus: 

Garrison, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi 

DHA Phase-II Campus: 

Commercial Area, Sector G, Phase-II, DHA Islamabad, Sector G DHA Phase II, Rawalpindi 

Army Public School and College Fee 

The fee structure is available on the Army Public School and College website. 

4. Grammar Public School 

The Grammar Public School started in the year 1981. It is one the best schools in Rawalpindi city which provides education from playgroup to matric level. They have created a safe and supportive learning environment for all their students. 

Grammar Public School Rawalpindi

Grammar Public School Campus 

Grammar Public School has two campuses in Rawalpindi city:

Rah-e-Aman Branch: 

New Lalazar, Rawalpindi 

Chaklala Branch: 

Chaklala branch, Behind Daniyal Plaza, Ch Bostan Khan Road, Chaklala Scheme-III Rawalpindi 

Grammar Public School Fee 

You can see the fee charges of Grammar Public School on its website.  

5. The Punjab School 

The Punjab School was first started in the year 1990. It is a well renowned institution of Pakistan. They are using advanced teaching methods and are dedicated to offering direction and assistance to the students. 

The Punjab School Rawalpindi

Punjab School Campus 

The Punjab School is based at Canttontment Road in Rawalpindi.

The Punjab School Fee Structure 

The official website provides information on the Punjab School fee cost

6. The Educators  

The Educators first school started in the year 2002. It is the project of Beaconhouse. They provide a safe and supportive learning system for its students.  

The Educators School

The Educators Campus 

In Rawalpindi, there are multiple schools for educators. We have mentioned a few details here. For remaining, you must visit the website. 

Chakra Campus: 

Near Bhatta Chowk Chakra Road Karamabad, Rawalpindi 

Peshawar Road Campus: 

House No. 442 Mehar Abad Peshawar Road Rawalpindi 

The Educators Fee 

The fee cost of the educator school is mentioned on their website. 


7. St. Mary’s Convent School  

St. Mary’s Convent School started in the British Rule in the year 1881. Their main goal is to provide quality education to service providers to the community, spiritual growth, and successful academic performance.  

St. Mary’s Convent School Rawalpindi

St. Mary’s Convent School Campus 

The address of St. Mary’s Convent School is 8 School Road in Lalazar, Rawalpindi.

St. Mary’s Convent School Fee 

You must visit the official website of St. Mary’s Convent School for the fee cost. 

8. Jinnah Preparatory School  

The Jinnah Preparatory School established in the year 1967. They have been providing high quality support system and education for Five Decades.

Jinnah Preparatory School Rawalpindi

Jinnah Preparatory School Campus 

Jinnah Preparatory has two branches. One for boys and one for girls. 

Boys Campus: 

Jinnah Road, A Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 

Girls Campus: 

Iran Rd, 27-A, A Block Satellite Town, Rawalpindi 

Jinnah Preparatory School Fee 

The fee structure is available on the official website of Jinnah Preparatory School. 

9. Lahore Grammar School  

The Lahore Grammar School first school founded in 1979. They are one of the best private schools in Pakistan. They have a reputation for having highly qualified teachers and high-quality education.

Lahore Grammar School Rawalpindi

The Lahore Grammar School Campus 

Lahore Grammar School is located on 6-B Satellite Town Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 

Lahore Grammar School Fee 

The fee is available on the website of Lahore Grammar School. 

10. SLS Montessori and School 

Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) is a Montessori and High School started in the year 1982. They have been providing the best quality education our four decades. You can consider it for your child. 

SLS Montessori and School Rawalpindi

SLS Montessori and School Campus 

They have 12 campuses in Rawalpindi city. We have mentioned a few details here. 

Lalazar Campus: 

Lalazar, Rawalpindi 

Westridge Campus:

11 Hali Rd, Westridge I Westridge 1, Rawalpindi 

SLS Montessori and School Fee 

The fees are available on the official website of SLS Montessori and High School 

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