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XEMPAK has revolutionized school management systems in some of Pakistan’s best institutions, such as ICMS, Police Public School, Leeds College DI Khan, and Aftab Public School. From streamlining administrative tasks to offering the best attendance software in Pakistan, XEMPAK is shaping the future of education.

1 ICMS School System:

XEMPAK has streamlined ICMS’s administrative tasks, allowing for better coordination among faculty, students, and parents. The system’s user-friendly interface has facilitated smoother communication and enhanced overall efficiency. XEMPAK school management software has proven to be instrumental in optimizing ICMS’s operations.


39/B Phase-5 Hayatabad Peshawar.

No.Of Students:

160 Students

2.Police Public School:

Police Public School has benefited from the robust attendance tracking feature of XEMPAK, which is recognized as one of the best attendance software in Pakistan. Real-time updates and reports have made attendance management seamless, contributing to an organized and transparent administrative operations. 


Board Stop, Opposite to Afghan Sadaqat Juice Street, Near Phase 3 Chowk, Peshawar

No.Of Students:

450 Students

3. Leeds College DI Khan:

XEMAPK has played a pivotal role in transforming the administrative landscape at Leeds College DI Khan. The software’s ability to centralize data and automate processes has led to a more streamlined and responsive educational institution. XEMPAK is at the forefront of empowering institutions like Leeds College DI Khan with cutting-edge management software.


Circular Road, Near Ashiana Plaza West Circular Road Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

No.Of Students:

1074 Students

4. Aftab Public School:

XEMPAK plays an integral part in day-to-day operations at Aftab Public School. The comprehensive multi-campus management system has simplified administrative tasks and provides valuable insights through data analytics. Aftab Public School recognizes XEMPAK as a market leader in school management software.


Pawaka Road, Abdara Peshawar KPK.

No.Of Students:

696 Students

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As we explore school management systems, XEMPAK stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for some of the top schools, including ICMS, Police Public School, Leeds College DI Khan, and Aftab Public School. Offering a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and data security. 

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