Buy An Online School Software in Pakistan

Reasons to Buy an Online School Software in Pakistan

In the contemporary era, the demand for robust and user-friendly software solutions is paramount. Educational institutions, including schools, are increasingly recognizing the importance of efficient administrative operations, student progress tracking, and staff management facilitated through sophisticated software systems. While numerous school management software options saturate the current market, identifying the ideal solution for your institution becomes crucial.

Enter “Xtremes School Software,” a cutting-edge product meticulously developed by some of the most accomplished talents in Pakistan. This software stands out as a robust, scalable, and online solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern educational institutions. Xtremes School Software offers a comprehensive and secure platform for managing staff, students, and various resources. It resolves traditional school management challenges, eliminating the need for cumbersome registers and stacks of paper to store crucial information. From streamlined fee management to complimentary SMS services and advanced attendance management features, Xtremes School Management Software provides an all-encompassing solution. Elevate your school’s operational efficiency with this fully-equipped software, ensuring a seamless and technologically advanced management experience. Invest in Xtremes School Software – the epitome of excellence in the realm of school management systems.

Why Buy Xtremes School Software

1. Multi-Campus Management System

  • Present Student
  • Staff Attendance
  • Fee collection
  • Today, Collection
  • Expenditure

2. Admin Features

  • Syllabus Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Parent Access
  • Students Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Fee collection
  • Expenditure
  • Balance Sheet

3. Parent Portal

  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Complaint Submission
  • Communication Hub
  • Subject Syllabus
  • Fees & Payments
  • Exam Records
  • Daily Home Work
  • PTM
  • View Library

   4. Teacher Portal

  • Managing class attendance
  • Real-time Updates
  • Attendance Reports
  • Class Attendance
  • Parent Meeting
  • Monthly Test
  • School Complaint
  • Staff Attendance

5. Student portal

  • New Admissions
  • Students Record
  • Attendance Record
  • Daily Home Work
  • Monthly Tests
  • Students Exam
  • Students’ enrolment
  • Students Certificates

6. Free SMS

  1. SMS on Mobile App
  2. Broadcasting SMS Service

 7. Mobile App (Android & IOS)

  • Stay connected, track academic progress, receive alerts, and engage with the school community effortlessly.   

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